Florence Finance has funded an additional €0.5m junior loan to our lending partner SwishFund

Florence Finance is proud to announce that it has funded an additional €500k junior real-world loan to lending partner SwishFund, this brings the total of our junior loans funded to SwishFund to €1.5m. We are making great progress in our mission to bring real-world assets and real yields on-chain.  SwishFund has been a loyal partner from the outset of our project, in helping us think through and structure junior loan exposure that is 100% collateralized by performing real-world loan assets (collateral) in their ever-growing SME loan book.

SwishFund was founded in 2016 and is one of the first non-bank fintech lenders in the Netherlands.  SwishFund has pioneered the development of innovative corporate finance and lending products as they believe that entrepreneurs should have ubiquitous access to finance as efficiently and flexibly as possible.

Florence Finance provides an alternative countercyclical source of (junior) funding that over time will aid the robustness and diversification of SwishFund's funding mix.  SwishFund's forward-thinking mindset and their willingness to engage with Florence Finance's novel funding solution makes them an ideal partner and gives us the opportunity to be a first mover in utilizing stablecoin liquidity to fund the mainstream SME fiat lending market in Europe.