Florence Finance Arbitrum Testnet Launch

Florence Finance Arbitrum Testnet Launch
Florence Finance x Arbitrum

We launched our project on Ethereum and most of the team are staunch ETH believers, but from the outset, it was our vision to run the protocol on an (EVM compatible) chain that offered fees low enough to make our product accessible to (retail) users. As we have seen in the past, fees on Ethereum (Florence's native chain) can spike to levels that price out many users, making the Florence Finance offering less attractive to the everyday person. This goes against what Florence stands for, as our goal is to make Real World Yield more accessible to everybody... So now that the L2 landscape is becoming more clear/mature we feel we are ready to migrate in order to increase the accessibility of our product offering.

After careful consideration, Florence Finance will launch its RWA platform on Arbitrum Goerli Testnet for our community to start testing. This move is the start of our cross-chain journey, and we aim to launch the platform on Arbitum mainnet at the end of our Alpha Testing Phase.

To get whitelisted (WL) and begin testing on the Arbitrum Testnet all you need to do is complete the quick tasks on our Zealy campaign. Once completed, your address will be WL and you will be able to begin testing, we will be looking for feedback on the platform and rewarding our early testers with our upcoming Florence NFT that will come with various token rewards.

Why Arbitrum?

We have decided to choose Arbitrum as our L2 home as it has emerged as a leader in DeFi and innovation, demonstrated not only by the vibrant and active community but also by the continuous inflow of TVL to the chain even after their $ARB airdrop.

Arbitrum TVL

Offering low fees, a strong community, and innovation it ticks all the boxes for what Florence Finance was looking for. We are incredibly excited to make the move cross-chain and hope to grow the platform to become one of the leading RWA projects on Arbitrum. Be sure to join our Zealy campaign and get WL in order to participate in our ongoing Alpha Test Phase.