Community Update #1

Florence Finance Community Update

Dear community,

Thank you for taking interest in our project at such an early stage. This is the first issue of our weekly community update. The goal is to keep you informed about our progress and upcoming opportunities.

Our main focus at this early stage in the project lies in the development of the protocol and user interface.

  • The smart contract part of our protocols MVP version now features completely. This means that from now on we will focus on security auditing and optimizations.
  • The backend which aggregates the data of our protocol in order to make them displayable on the website has significantly progressed.
  • We have finalized the sketches (wireframes) for our MVP user interface and will now work with a design agency to transform them into a working website

Considering that the launch of our MVP is coming closer we are beginning to ramp up marketing activities. Since our MVP will have limited capacities the goal is not to run an all-out mass marketing campaign just yet. At this stage, our priority is to build a solid base community and obtain the commitments of people who wish to participate in our first pools. We are progressing well in both of those matters.

We continue to work on creating our desired corporate structure which will consist of entities in the Netherlands and Dubai. This is something we have been working on since the beginning of the year and we are pleased to announce that those efforts will be coming to fruition in the near future.