Community Update #2

Florence Finance Defi collateralized loan

Dear community,

Welcome to our second community update. It has been a while since the first issue and quite a few things have progressed. In a nut shell we managed to incorporate, finish up our MVP which we are looking to launch soon.

We achieved a major milestone last week in that we were finally granted full registration/incorporation of the Florence Finance Protocol entity in the DMCC (Dubai free trade zone for commodities) which is the UAE appointed sandbox for crypto related ventures. Now that this has been realized there is nothing preventing us from launching our protocol and services.


While legal matters were progressing we finished the development of our MVP which is now in the final testing stages. Please reach out to us if you would like to contribute to the testing process.

Since our last update the following decisions have been made:

Once the testing has concluded we will publish a blog post going into detail about the journey of implementing the MVP and elaborate on the decisions made along the road.

We are currently working on a marketing campaign with the goal of targeting users with knowledge and interest of DeFi and real world lending in order to get feedback on our MVP launch. This marketing campaign will include a free NFT which will give engaged community members benefits down the road. Make sure to follow our channels for further details on this and everything else: