Florence Finance brings you - Duke Dash πŸ‘‘

Florence Finance brings you - Duke Dash πŸ‘‘

Florence Finance, a pioneer in the RWA sector, is excited to launch Duke Dash, a creative campaign that combines Duke NFTs with a tiered reward system, reflecting a user's engagement and dedication within our community.


Earn Points & Level Up πŸ†™

Duke Dash invites every user to begin their noble journey by minting a Duke NFT, marking their entry into a realm of engagement, achievement, and rewards. As participants delve into various platform activities, they ascend up the leaderboard proving their level of nobility.

Starting as a Squire, your journey in the Duke Dash will be filled with opportunities to earn points and rise through the ranks:

  • Squire: Every participant’s beginning rank.
  • Count: Progress to this rank by being in the bottom 50% of point earners.
  • Earl: Reach higher by breaking into the top 50%-20% on the leaderboard.
  • Knight: Earn this prestigious rank by collecting 10 badges through active community participation.
  • Archduke: The pinnacle of Duke Dash, reserved for the top echelon of point earners.

How to Earn Points and Badges πŸ“ˆ

Engage in various platform activities to earn points. Deposit $FLR into our RWA Vaults, participate in social interactions and invite friends to the platform. The more you participate, the more points you collect.

Badges are awarded for outstanding community contributions. Whether you're joining AMAs, creating standout content, or helping the community grow, your efforts will be recognized with badges, enhancing the uniqueness of your NFT.

What are points and why do we need them?

Our gamified points system is designed to entice new users while rewarding our existing ones, points will help bootstrap, community, liquidity, and RWA adoption on Arbitrum, and assist with the distribution of Florence governance tokens.

Still have questions?

Check out our docs to find out all you need about Duke Dash and earning points πŸͺ‚

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Introducing Duke Dash