FFM Public Token Sale

FFM Public Token Sale

We are thrilled to announce that Florence Finance is launching a public token sale for our much-anticipated FFM token! This exciting event marks a significant milestone in our journey and offers you an exclusive opportunity to be a part of our growing ecosystem.

The FFM token is at the heart of the Florence ecosystem, designed to drive community engagement and platform growth. As holders, you will not only be part of a pioneering DeFi community but also have a voice in future through governance rights. It is vital to our mission of decentralizing credit creation and will only grow stronger as the RWA narrative spreads and solidifies.

Key Highlights of the FFM Token Sale:

Token Sale Date: January 6th 2024 at 1:00pm UTC
Duration: 24 hours
Token Ticker: FFM
Fully Diluted Market Cap: $25m
Initial Circulating Supply: 4% from sale + 2% to seed LP
Initial Market Cap:  $1.5m
FFM Price: $0.025
Tokens For Sale: 40,000,000
Raise Target: $1m (in ETH)
Lockup: There is no lockup for public sale tokens

We believe in community first at Florence. This is why we have priced our public sale valuation at just a 25% premium to our seed round valuation of $20m that we completed almost 3 years ago, we think it is important that our core community members have the opportunity to get a piece of the pie at the foundation level.
Florence is trailblazing the way for RWAs on Arbitrum and launching our FFM token is a key element to this journey. Let's recap the FFM tokenomics briefly:

  • Governance
  • Buyback and burn

At Florence we believe in simplicity, and our tokenomics reflect this. We are building a platform and community that is ready to accommodate the huge RWA wave that we are going to witness over the next few years, building for a better future.

Our FFM public sale is the first step in our community distribution plan, the public sale consists of 4% of total token supply and we will add 2% from treasury to seed the LP upon DEX listing, this leaves an additional 46% of token supply for further community distribution.

We look forward to you all joining the RWA revolution with Florence Finance, we will be dropping more info about the token launch running up to the sale event so stay tuned. And don't forget to keep printing those Florence points 🪂