Florence Finance Alpha Testing Phase - LobsterDAO Exclusive

Florence Finance Alpha Testing Phase - LobsterDAO Exclusive

It is with great joy that I, as self-crowned Duke of Florence, invite the members of the LobsterDAO to become fellow Dukes and join me on our quest to decentralize credit creation for SMEs across the globe.

On May 8th we will launch our Alpha Testing Phase whereby selected communities that we feel have aligned goals with Florence Finance will be able to interact with our RWA platform for the first time and begin earning real-world yield. With our freshly audited platform ready to go we thought it was time to open up our doors to the world. We are proud to announce the first community we have partnered with for our Alpha Testing is the LobsterDAO, one of the most highly respected communities in DeFi.

Upon launch, the community members holding a LobsterDAO NFT will be whitelisted to access our platform and begin participating in the RWA revolution, click here to check if your wallet is eligible to participate. The users will be able to explore our platform and deposit into our real-world yield vaults and earn up to 10% APR. In this gated testing phase we will be seeking feedback from users to further streamline the user experience and make the flow of the platform as easy to understand and interact with as possible, this is a vital stage of our launch and will allow us to produce the best product possible for our full launch. For all the information you will need to interact with our platform check out our tutorial.

The Lobster community members who participate in this testing phase and interact with our platform will be rewarded with one of our soon-to-be-launched Florence Finance NFTs. These NFTs will come with various token rewards in the future as well as yield-boosting powers for its holder which aim to help distribute token rewards to our early supporters that we highly value.

Florence Finance NFT

Florence is a DeFi platform that allows users to seamlessly integrate real-world (SME) yield into their cryptocurrency portfolio in the most transparent and sustainable way. By tokenizing real-world assets/collateral Florence enables their composability within DeFi.

Florence Finance, through its partners, funds real-world SME loans in the EU.  Tokenizing these loans allows users to generate Euro-denominated real-world yield in an efficient, transparent, and composable manner.

During this test phase, the users will be able to go to Curve.fi and swap their stablecoins to our native FLR token which is the unit of account on our platform. The FLR is pegged to 1 EURO and represents 1 EURO of loan principal outstanding plus any accrued interest. Users can deposit FLR into the Florence Finance loan vaults and begin earning real-world yield that is totally uncorrelated to the broader crypto market. What does this mean? This means that the yield in the Florence vaults will not be affected by the crypto market cycle, yields will not drop in a bear market like the majority of other yield opportunities in crypto, and what we offer is a stable yield for the long term. A safe haven for crypto users.

If you would prefer to fund directly with us through the Florence Finance platform as a primary funder (KYC/AML required) please reach out to us directly on our website and apply to be a lender.

When the Florence Finance testing phase is complete we will review feedback and make necessary changes and improvements before opening our platform to the public and allowing all crypto users to start earning real-world yield.