Florence Finance x LTO Network Partnership Announcement

Florence Finance X LTO Network

At Florence Finance we are excited to announce we have partnered with award-winning Dutch blockchain, LTO Network to use their Proofi software and Decentralized Identities tech to usher in a second coming of the decentralized financial revolution.

LTO Network is an award-winning hybrid blockchain that can be used to secure, exchange, & verify critical data, digital assets, and identities. Their goal is to build the leading platform for cutting-edge next-gen blockchain apps focusing on B2B, identities, media, and ownership.

The Florence Finance protocol acts as a bridge between cryptocurrency lenders and real-world borrowers with an aim to help solve the SME credit funding shortage whilst tackling the lack of real-world lending opportunities within the crypto market.

In order to erode privacy concerns and preempt regulatory requirements for our cutting-edge approach, Florence Finance will implement LTO Network’s Proofi software to allow KYC and AML operations on DeFi wallets whilst maintaining the privacy of the wallet holder.

Along with LTO Network’s institutional and enterprise-friendly history through their work with leading institutions such as the United Nations, Dutch Government, Dutch Chamber of Commerce, and IBM, the two organizations are uniquely positioned to understand regulatory frameworks and aim to be ahead of any upcoming requirements which both agree is around the corner.

“We are pretty certain that regulations will be coming over time and Proofi will allow us to be one step ahead of them and in doing so provide confidence to users of our protocol.” - Chiel Ruiter

“Having Florence Finance as the first partnership for Proofi is a match made in heaven as it showcases our technology’s ability to serve the real-world and decentralized worlds of finance.” - Rick Schmitz