Florence Finance launches RWA natively to Arbitrum

Florence Finance launches RWA natively to Arbitrum

Post summer the team has gotten back in the saddle and started working in earnest on the migration of Florence.Finance to Arbitrum.  

We are excited to announce that Florence is now native to the Arbitrum network and has fully migrated our platform and TVL to Arbitrum. After a very successful testnet deployment with over 5,000 users participating and great feedback from the community through our Zealy campaign, it became clear to us that Arbitrum would be a great home for us.

We also received a very enthusiastic welcome from Offchain Labs and the Arbitrum Foundation who are very keen to help us kickstart the RWA revolution on Arbitrum. For this reason, we have submitted a grant proposal to the Arbitrum Foundation which will help us with our migration and contribute to a full audit of our protocol deployment on the Arbitrum network. It will also help fuel our upcoming marketing campaign that aims to highlight the growing RWA ecosystem on Arbitrum and showcase our incredible platform with the hope of onboarding new users.

Now that our RWA vaults are live on Arbitrum, users can begin earning between 7 and 9.5% APR of low-risk, real-world yield on their stablecoins. All you need to do is go to our FLR / USDC liquidity pool on Camelot, swap your USDC to FLR, and then deposit your FLR into one of our RWA vaults and start earning yield instantly, it's that easy!

We are proud to be one of the only RWA protocols to make Arbitrum their native chain, and we expect that many will follow in our footsteps when they see our success. We have a lot planned for our launch on Arbitrum and we are just getting started, some things to look forward to:

  • Florence Finance NFT incentive program
  • Partnerships with your favorite Arbitrum projects
  • M0re loans written to add to the Loan Vaults
  • FFM staking rewards

It has been a monumental journey from the inception of Florence Finance to where we are now on Arbitrum, we thank all our community members and partners, this is just the beginning. We are excited about our new chapter on Arbitrum and the RWA revolution we are about to witness.

To find out how to migrate from our ETH app to our Arbitrum app check out this guide: https://docs.florence.finance/docs/support/migration

As always, we invite you to explore our protocol, and website and reach out to us with any questions or feedback.