Welcome to the new Florence Finance UI

Welcome to the new Florence Finance UI
New Florence Finance UI

While it feels like the world has been falling apart with banks failing and stablecoins not being so stable we at Florence Finance have been hard at work perfecting our brand-new platform UI.

Why did we revamp the Florence Finance UI?

"First impression is the only impression" - Someone wise

We believe a key barrier to entry for a lot of DeFi projects is confusing or unclear interfaces that can overwhelm the average participant and first impressions really do count for a lot in our opinion. So in order to create the best first impression possible for a user coming to our platform we have crafted a clean and user-friendly UI that we are very proud of.  As the space of RWA is trying to onboard the masses to crypto we made it our mission to make a very clear and user-friendly dApp to ensure that any audience would be able to interact with it and be onboarded to the RWA revolution.

Florence Finance New UI

Transparency is a key building block upon which Florence Finance is built, this is why we wanted to make the information on each loan we write accessible, understandable, and clear to all users. This means that users know exactly what they are signing up for when supplying the Loan Vault, they have the ability to check each individual loan company if they wished and make their own analysis of their creditworthiness.

Individual Loan Information

In order for our users to effectively track their Florence portfolio we have designed a "My Portfolio" page where a user can track with ease their current positions across all the Loan Vaults and the Staking Pool. We want to give our users as much insight as possible into their portfolio and its performance and this is why we are currently working on integrating more in-depth charts and metrics for users to analyze their past performance and help them map their future possible gains.  

Florence Finance Portfolio Tracker

We feel this is a big step for Florence Finance as we are a user-first project and providing an easy-to-use and visually appealing UI for our users is another achievement under our belt on our journey to bringing the masses to crypto through RWA. But rest assured this is just the start, we have a whole lot more up our sleeve. To keep up to date with our upcoming announcements follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram.